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운동자전거를 타고있어

So I'm writing this on my phone while exercising on my exercise bike. I'm too lazy to go get my Nook and I just finished reviewing vocabulary for the day so this seemed like a good idea. Just go with me on this.

Day 2 of winter camp went well. Today we taught comedy and did a fun mirroring activity. I'm really enjoying teaching drama. I may try to get out of teaching Russian next year and teach drama instead- although I have no idea how these lessons would work with grade 4 students. My first and second graders are having a grand time of it though. After work I came home and spent my day lazing in bed and eating candy instead of doing anything productive. I'm not going to make excuses for myself- sometimes I kind of fail as a human being.

So apparently construction on the new apartment building for the teachers at my school has been slow so we won't be moving until some time after February. Somehow I'm not surprised. Oh, and they hired the new teachers. Get this: both of them are the girlfriends of two of the guys who work here now. (One of whom got the job due to his ex-girlfriend - and they broke up while working together.) Just wait- we'll all be living in a building together with two couples who might just break up. I just. I can't. At least I don't socialize with these people on a regular basis- or, well, at all. (Note how I am attempting to make the best of the situation. Also note how I don't feel much better.)
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