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광주에 드디어 왔다!

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January 6, 2013 | 09:55am
Mood: sore

Finally back in Gwangju! The flight was long and painful and made worse because I was stuck in the middle seat. Ugh. The plane arrived at about 4:50pm. The lines at immigration were pretty long, but I chose a good line and was out by 5:20. Then the stars aligned and right as I arrived at the baggage claim my bag appeared in front of me. Then I got a bus ticket leaving at 5:50. And my bus only took 3.5 hours, so I was back in Gwangju at 9:30pm! Not bad. A big string of luck.

Actually, the best thing about all of this is that my sleep schedule was not destroyed by America. I went to bed at 12:30am and woke up at 7:30am. Perfect.

Today I need to:
- stop by the bakery for bread (and breakfast, cough)
- do laundry
- go to school and set up for winter camp (maybe 1 hour, max)
- unpack
- contemplate getting rid of all of my possessions... refrain from this... and instead sit in bed and read

Yep. Sounds like a plan. Yeah, I remember all of my other plans/goals for the year, but today I'm recovering. So there.

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