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Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Recap of 2012. 2012 blew. Injuries and illnesses, friends leaving, a break-up, work stress, depression, etc etc. It was a really lousy year. December was around the time that it started to get good, and I am actually really optimistic right now that 2013 will be a vast improvement.

Book Recaps. I read 159 books in 2012. Other than 2008 (163 books) this is the best year since I started keeping track. I read 56,219 pages, which is over 2000 pages better than 2008 and 2009. Of the new books I read, I only gave two books a perfect 10/10 rating: Please Look After Mom by Kyungsook Shin and Shine by Lauren Myracle. I recommend both of them.

Resolutions. I've never actually made resolutions before - it's always sounded quite hokey - but I'm going to make them now.

1. Study Korean. I'm going to try to live my life as Korean as possible. I'm going to keep a Korean journal, read Korean newspapers, read Korean books/comic strips. When I get back to Korea I'm going to get a private tutor. My goal by the end of the year is to be at the same level as my 4th graders. A lofty goal, but dammit, it's one I can attempt to pursue.

2. Exercise daily. It doesn't matter what I do, but I want to get at least 30 extra minutes of physical activity every day. This can be walking, or biking, or hiking, or running. Whatever. Just move.

3. Write daily. 30 minutes of writing every day. I'd like to experiment with genres and try to finish something. See my next entry for more information!

4. Read books daily. This shouldn't be a resolution, but it is. Ideally I'll read one book every two days (182 books in one year is definitely doable), but I'll settle for reading more than 2008. 164 books in 2013.

5. Focus on self-improvement. I wasn't happy last year. I know how to improve myself, and my situation, to get become happy. Let's git 'er done.
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