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to do list, or something

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December 20, 2012 | 08:53pm
Mood: sick

Today I did a few important things:
1) I finished all teaching for the year
2) I got a haircut
3) I actually used my Korean (not well, but I did it)
4) I did laundry and dried it
5) I pulled out my suitcase

I did not do some other important things:
1) Pack
2) Study
3) Exercise
4) ...
5) Profit

I get off work at 1pm tomorrow. I intend on spending my morning studying. Really. I don't want to bring this textbook home with me. (I want to bring the next one home instead. Sigh.) After work I will pack, sleep, do a quick cleaning, and... ? I have to get up at about 2:45am, so there's that. Then about 24 hours later (sigh) I'll be back in the States.

Working on goals for the New Year. If all goes as planned, I will spend 2013 without any free time. Hopefully I can convince myself that it's worth it.

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