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Observations / money chat / GIC Day

The Observation Post: well, they went well enough! The first one was first period on a Friday, which meant the kids were not at their best (or most obnoxious). Fortunately the parents seemed to enjoy themselves. The second class went ridiculously well, and I was quite pleased with the kids. They really outdid themselves. Even though I managed to pick some, well, lower-level kids for some questions (it's random picking), I managed to coax some kind of answer out of them. My boss observed the first class, and she has a personal stake in the matter; I teach her son, who is by far the lowest level student in the class. She said I did a great job and she was thrilled with how I treated her son.

I think I did a good job, you guys. :D

On a related note: I have over 20,000 bucks in the bank (I'm only counting my Korean bank account). I should have another 10,000 by the end of February. That's more than enough to give me the opportunity to take a break from working and study Korean for a year. However, if I stay one more year at this school, I'll be able to double that amount. That will help me afford a year of Korean studies and probably a master's degree while I'm at it. That's kind of awesome. It's nice to know that regardless of what happens, I have enough money to support myself. Word.

This weekend was interesting. I don't feel like give a minute-by-minute account of my time, but Saturday was pretty great. I met up with Megan and we went to the GIC Day Festival, which had food from a ton of countries. We had at least 4 phases of food, which included (in no particular order): South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Mexico. And maybe others? I can't remember. Delicious. We met up with Nikki&Owen and Kristy. We - plus my coworkers/friends Olivia and Michelle - went downtown to play card games at the coffee shop we've been frequenting as of late. I had a blueberry latte pearl tea, which I'm only mentioning because it was so good. It was a really good day.

Anyways, I'm currently waiting for my chicken delivery to arrive and then I'll either watch a documentary or the first episode of the new season of Top Chef. Then I'll read a book. Tomorrow I will return to my Korean studies. Gotta finish Sogang 3B before January...
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