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D-Day: observations / nerves / fiber

Today's observation day. DUM DUM DUM.

I'm prepared, I suppose. I just wish they weren't observing first period, because not only is it the first time I'll be teaching this lesson, it's also first period. Yuck. Nobody is at their best during first period.

I've barely slept all week. After work today I intend on passing out for approximately 24 hours. (Lie. I'll be lucky if I can sleep an hour.)

I dunno, at this point I've moved past "nervous." I'm on to "acceptance." I'm prepared. The kids are prepared. The classes will go well. I just need to decide if I should make a last second powerpoint or just write on the board. A one-slide powerpoint seems a little pointless though.

Frankly, the reason I'm so concerned is because I don't know if I'm going to be rehired or not, and the school uses these classes to determine their decision. I won't find out the result for a few weeks. I just need to know if I should start finding a new job (ugh) or apply to a Korean program in Seoul. I'd just go straight to school but I want more of a financial cushion. I can afford school next year but I'd rather not wipe out my bank account.

On an unrelated note, fiber fiber fiber.
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