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Written from my phone.

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October 18, 2012 | 05:37pm
Mood: not bad

I'm writing this from my phone. My internet is broken yet again, and the school fix it guy took my computer because he's convinced my computer is the problem, not the internet. Wrong. Whatever. Pardon the poor formatting.

So today Teacher Y. asked me for a personal favor: to translate a business document sent to her husband from Russian to English. I very hesitantly said yes, making sure to qualify my agreement with a, "I am very out of practice and it won't be perfect." She was okay with it, so I did the translation.

You guys. It was easy.

I have hardly spoken a word of Russian in almost 3.5 years. (Has it really been that long?) But the grammar is still there, although the words were not. I did a bang-up job at translating the document, too.

My current dream: improve my Korean, regain my Russian, and start translating professionally.

In other news, I know exactly what I'm doing for my parent observation classes in three weeks. This is because I'm a stud, checking my hair in the mirror, macking on them hoes. And I'm done. (I don't know what I just said, just go with it.)

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