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Studying, of course.

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September 19, 2012 | 06:56am
Mood: who knows

(I wrote this last night but my internet wasn't working.)

Today I realized that my goal of attending graduate school in 2014 isn't quite realistic at this point. I am studying hard, but I'm not going to be at the level of Korean I'd like by 2014 without some serious work. Then again, maybe I'm understating my abilities slightly: I'm starting to understand Korean dramas, although I can't go without subtitles quite yet.

I had this idea a few days ago of turning 2013 into my year of Korean input. Only read Korean books and news, only listen to Korean music, only watch Korean TV shows and movies. It's possible that I could do it. I dunno.

I feel as if I've noticed some improvement in my Korean skills, so I've upped the studying a bit as a result. I'm just feeling good about things. Drill the grammar, pound the vocab into my head, do some writing... and I'm good to go. I finished Sogang 3A chapter 4 today, so I'm halfway through the book.

Chuseok vacation is soon and I still don't know what I'll do. I'm kind of thinking of spending the vacation doing day trips and doing some intensive Korean studying. I could honestly finish the book by the end of that week. Okay, I know it's pathetic to spend my vacation studying (so Korean!), but it will help me achieve my goals, I'll save some money, and... I don't know, I'm trying to convince myself that I don't want to travel. I'll regret it, but whatever. We'll see.

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