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In which I write in Korean.

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September 14, 2012 | 11:04pm
Mood: thoughtful

I wrote this tonight as a bit of Korean practice. I'm going to try to write a little in Korean every day (or at least as often as possible) in order to try to improve my fluency. Minho says my Korean is quite good, which is a lie, but at least it's a kind lie.

날씨: 비
오늘: 2012년 9월 14일 금요일

저는 지금 친구와 커피숖에서 이 일기를 쓰고 있어요. 제 친구는 전남 대학원에서 공부하는 한국 학생이에요. 그 친구는 한국어 선생님이 되려고 공부해요. 그리고 요즘 우리는 같이 자주 만나서 놀고 식사해요. 그래서 그는 한국어 문법을 아주 알아서 가끔 저 도와줘요.

10분 전에 "강남 스타일"을 들었어요. 처음에는 그 노래를 좋아했는데, 요즘 많이 질렸어요. 아까 우리 같이 유명한 식당에서 모밀짜장을 먹었어요. 너무 맛있었지만 식당 분위기는 안 좋았어요.

옆 테이블 사람들이 녹차 팥빙수를 먹어요. 아 너무 부러워요! 하지만 녹차 맛은 입에 안 맞아요. 저는 과일 빙수가 더 마음에 들어요. 한달 전에 처음 팥빙수를 먹어봤어요. 많은 외국인들은 팥의 맛을 삻어해요. 처음 한국에 왔을 때 저도 팥을 안 좋아했는데, 요즘에는 맛이 괜찮아요.

오늘은 이만 쓸게요. 다음에 봐요.

I'm writing this journal entry at a coffee shop with a friend right now. My friend is a Korean who studies at Chonnam graduate school. He's studying to become a Korean teacher. These days we often meet to hang out and eat together. He is good at Korean grammar so he sometimes helps me.

10 minutes ago I heard "Gangnam Style." I liked that song the first time I heard it, but these days I'm really sick of it. Earlier we ate buckwheat black bean noodles at a well-known restaurant. It was very delicious but the restaurant's atmosphere wasn't very good.

The people at the next table are eating green tea patbingsu. Ah, I'm so jealous! However, I don't like the flavor of green tea. I like fruit bingsu more. The first time I tried patbingsu was one month ago. Many foreigners hate the flavor of red beans. When I first came to Korea I also disliked red beans, but these days the flavor is okay.

I'm finished writing for today. Until next time.

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