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no internet, again. And: travel woes

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September 11, 2012 | 07:11pm
Mood: splurt

My home internet doesn't work again. The level on which I'm not surprised: epic.

Fortunately, I have a phone with a data plan. I am currently using my phone as a mobile hotspot. I am unhappy with this solution, but it's better than before.

Needless to say, I intend on raising hell at school tomorrow. The reason my internet hasn't been working is my computer? Bull fucking shit. Nothing's wrong with my computer, assholes. It's because the internet connection in this building is a pile of shit.

Unrelated notes:

1) I went to the Gwangju World Music Festival with Minho on Friday. It was kind of rained (typhooned?) out, so we watched Big Bang Theory at his place.

2) On Saturday I went to the Chungju Martial Arts Festival with Megan. It was really cool, although a hell of a trip from Gwangju.

3) Sunday evening I wandered around an abandoned church and then an abandoned factory after dark in an attempt to find a shortcut across a mountain. Awesome, and yet creepy.

4) Do I finish studying chapter 3 today because I have nothing better to do, or do I read and relax?

5) Also: Hong Kong or Andong for Chuseok? I CAN'T DECIDE. I could do Hong Kong for Chuseok and then Andong the weekend after... but tickets to HK are getting out of hand. Out. Of. Hand. Plus, people I know will probably go to Andong for Chuseok, thereby leaving me to travel solo the weekend after. And if that happens, I doubt I'd actually go. :(

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