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return from a lack of internet

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August 25, 2012 | 07:46pm
Mood: headache

It's a Saturday night I have nothing to do, so I'm probably going to start studying fairly soon. Oh boy. I sure know how to live it up.

For the last week my internet has been on the fritz. At the moment I have to use a cord to connect to the internet, as my wifi router doesn't seem to be working. Whatever.

The big news: I went ahead and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. It's amazing, you guys. I've been waiting to buy a smartphone for years. I was aiming to wait for the iPhone 5 but, well, I don't particularly care for Apple, and I doubt that the new iPhone will have what I want. My Galaxy is perfect. I am very satisfied. Of course, this means I had to get a new phone number, but that's okay.

It's August 25 and I've read 114 books this year. I think I might be able to hit 200 if I try hard.

Work starts on Monday. I've got my lessons for the first week sorted out, as well as my lesson plans for the next chapter arranged. I just need to write up the test and I'll be good to go for a long while.

Anyways, I have dinner to eat and words to memorize. Fighting!

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