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Finally, I'm posting... about absolutely nothing

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August 9, 2012 | 09:09pm
Mood: shock

Long time no post.

Indonesia (Bali, to be precise) was alright. I spent a week alone in Kuta and then Vanessa came and we did Kuta, Ubud, and Sanur. The main issue with Bali was how it was overrun with tourists. Ridiculously overrun.

Here are the photos from my trip.

Since I got back my internet has been working off and on. More off than on. I'm getting really sick of it, to be honest. This is the year of internet issues.

I'm already almost halfway done with summer camp. I'm teaching World Tour, which is basically just geography. It's pretty great. It's a very easy schedule and we're making the curriculum. The school is also feeding us: two snacks and lunch. So far we've done Russia, Mongolia, and Antarctica, and tomorrow we're doing India. We'll be drawing henna patterns tomorrow as well. That should be pretty awesome. (You know, if it works out.)

Anyways, maybe I'll do something interesting sometime soon and I'll post about it. Maybe I won't. It's a mystery!

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