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Getting excited for Bali! And: work.

Hotel booked! I will be staying at a really nice budget hotel (great reviews, free wifi, breakfast included, an infinite pool, and a view of the sea). I'm pleased with my decision, considering how indecisive this whole trip has made me. I'm a mess, man. It's a 3 minute walk from the best beach on Bali so I'm quite happy. I just need to decide if I should request that the hotel send a shuttle or if I should take a taxi... I'm open to either option, but since I get in at like 1am, a shuttle would probably be a good idea.

Here's my big trip issue: should I check in luggage or not? Vanessa is, but I'm not Vanessa. Literally the only thing I'll have in my backpack will be clothes and toiletries. If I check luggage I can bring my laptop, but it's a little silly to bring a laptop to an exotic location... hell, I could probably just bring my laptop bag and call that good. Maybe that's what I'll do. Hm.

This week has resulted in my doing absolute fuck all at work. My kids are doing group projects and I'm spending most of my time reading. Not like that's a bad thing or anything. Also: I'm done teaching General classes. Hallelujah.
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