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failed date, failing

The week is over! It's Saturday so I get to relax. Yay.

So I had a date this afternoon. It was my first date with a foreigner (read: someone who speaks my language as a native tongue) since I was 21 years old. Unless you count Mariokart, which I don't. The date went well enough, we got along, yada yada, and then he revealed that he's leaving Korea in a month. Okay, so we'll just be friends. Fine. Then the date proceeded to end at the 1.5 hour mark. Korean dates can go on for hours, so maybe that's just what happens in the west? It just sort of ended. I don't know why, but apparently I'm too fucked up to go on a date with. Great.

In other words, that was a strange date that will never lead to anything, and now I'm back to sitting at home by myself, reading. (And this is basically why I wanted to meet up with you, Megan.)

Here's a round up of fellows on my potential homosexual life partner list at the moment:
- Seongbeom, only not really, because he freaked out and ran in the opposite direction at the first sign of a relationship. I wasn't expecting anything out of him anyway.
- Jaekuk, only not really, because he doesn't do relationships, but we can be friends, only not really, because he lives on the other side of the city and leaves Gwangju every chance he gets.
- Foreigner, only not really, because he's gone in a month. Bit too much of a homo anyways.
- Hyunjong, who is only considering a move to Gwangju, and may end up living in Daejeon in the end. He's actually my favorite of this batch. Pity we haven't met yet. We've talked on Kakaotalk for 2 weeks.

In other words: I am going to resign my contract to stay in Gwangju for a fourth year and after Megan leaves I'll be alone in every way possible. Every way. ANGSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
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