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going for the gold, whatever that means

Somehow, miraculously, I completed grading and inputting tests during 9th period yesterday. Which meant I finished report cards as well. I sent them all in today. Can you hear the angels singing in the background? Because it's kind of awesome, not gonna lie. I even had a free period today during which I did nothing. Seriously. Nothing. Awesome.

I've been so tired recently that I slept to within 10 minutes of my alarm this morning - a rare feat, I assure you - and I took an hour nap this evening. My naps tend not to last longer than 20 minutes. Not complaining.

Work: I was going to do an oil spill experiment tomorrow (the kids were going to make habitats and try to clean oil off of rocks and "animals"), but the containers are nowhere to be found. Instead I'll start the projects they were going to do next week. See, I'm smart. I know teaching the week before vacation is a hopeless task for me and for my students. So I'm not even going to bother. They're going to have 3-4 days to create and market a reused, reduced, or recycled item. This is because I'm a genius. Next week is going to be a breeze. I also just spend over 100 bucks on Diana Wynne Jones books to use as presents for the best kids in my classes. These fuckers better enjoy them...

Travel: Matt and Carl are going to Bali at the same time as me, and they invited me to go with them to the Gili Islands during the days I'll be alone in Bali. That was really kind of them. I want to go, if only for the chance to go somewhere different, but on the other hand... I need to start traveling alone someday, and I think Bali is probably my best chance for that. Oh well. We'll see.
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