Adam (aodh) wrote,

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blah blah blah sniffle

First of all: July 2nd was the 11th anniversary of this journal. Good job, self.

Stats as of yesterday:
3,916 Journal Entries
7,052 comments received
5,390 comments posted

The fact that I don't really have any friends on LJ anymore is unimportant. This thing has been with me since before I entered high school and now I'm 3 years out of university. How cool is that?

Second: on top of my foot/knee issue (both of which are ever so slowly improving), I've come down with a cold. And yesterday Teacher Joe messaged me: "Several students have conjunctivitis." So basically I'm at risk for pink-eye. Awesome. I'm absolutely exhausted and dead tired right now. Christ. What a shitty week.
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