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2012: you are not a good year.

Last week was insane. I was so busy every single day that by the time I got my first and only break of the week, Thursday afternoon, I was ready to collapse. Friday my co-teacher was off in Seoul so I was the only homeroom teacher for my class. That led to all sorts of excitement.

Friday night I went boozing with Megan, Tiffany, and Vanessa, and as I left Speaks to go to the homo bars I slipped and injured myself. My right ankle and my left knee. I was a mess Saturday. I could hardly walk. Today my ankle is actually feeling a lot better. My knee, not so much. I think I just bruised my ankle and pulled a muscle in my knee. I hate exercise, but I didn't intend on going to such lengths to avoid it.

I was talking with my mom this morning and I came to a conclusion: 2012 has sucked pretty hardcore so far. I've been through 3 separate bouts of depression, I broke up with my ex, I've spent the last two months hobbling around due to one foot ailment or another, and it's only July. Christ. I'm hopeful that the next few months will be an improvement, especially with all of the traveling I have planned (or not-so planned), but I won't bet the farm on it.

I may be going to Bali with Vanessa for my vacation this month. She'll only have a week though, so I may do another city in Indonesia and maybe Singapore for good measure. But who knows? I sure don't.
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