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test, SA, and studying Mandarin.

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June 21, 2012 | 09:00pm
Mood: contemplative

This week my students have had shitloads of tests, which has resulted in complete and utter chaos. I am giving a test tomorrow as well so we'll see how that goes... I'm not too optimistic, unfortunately.

I just finished reading through the SomethingAwful Korea, China, and Taiwan threads. Now I need to finish up the Japan thread and I'll have read my way through East Asia. My thoughts: Korea and China are fucked, Japanese expats are twats, and Taiwan is marginally not fucked. Apparently the Taiwan government also gives out scholarships to foreigners to study Mandarin? Tempting.

Seongbeom has gone AWOL, apparently because he is on vacation and has done nothing but play League of Legends all day, every day. We're meeting up for dinner tomorrow though.

I've been chatting with an Indian guy who goes to university in Gwangju. All was well until he revealed that his family set up an arranged marriage. He thinks everything will be fine if he doesn't return to India. Oh boy. Not sure if I want to go anywhere near that, frankly.

And that's about that.

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