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I got moves.

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May 9, 2012 | 09:28pm
Mood: tired/frustrated

I really need to get a hobby. Or, more specifically, I really need to get back into studying Korean.

I finish work at 4:30. I eat some shitty dinner which I'm usually finished eating by 6pm. Then I sit around and read/do fuck-all until 10pm or pass out, whichever comes first. If I could make myself sit down and do some Korean grammar practice for an hour a night I wouldn't be so bored all the time.

Realization/decision: duly noted.
Likelihood of it happening: not so great.

Seriously though. Once I've finished work I spend my time doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know how pathetic this is.

Third date will be Friday night, followed by a fourth date sometime this weekend. We're talking every day, but we don't necessarily talk about anything. I feel as if we should be having some grand conversation, which is silly, because MQ and I never did. Of course, we couldn't speak the same language, either. YJ/Phillip (as he will henceforth and in the future be known in this journal) speaks great English. Maybe I should introduce him to my sense of humor?

Anyways, it's a good thing I have a couple dates this weekend, because otherwise I'd be spending it alone doing nothing, just like every other day of my godforsaken life.

What do other people do in their spare time? Something more entertaining than what I do, apparently.

Contemplating moving to a new country. Maybe I'm just bored with Korea. I don't know.

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