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some thoughts: my day, phone, signature

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April 12, 2012 | 08:05pm
Mood: hmm

Today the internet at work was down so I had to, y'know, do work. I wrote a test, wrote a study guide, cut out a bunch of words and decorated a board. I also read a book. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of awesome.

After work on Tuesday we went to the immigration office and got our Alien Registration Cards. I immediately came home and went straight to a cell phone store to hook my phone up. When the first store refused to help me, I went to another. Then another. I have cellular access now, but the 3G doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure why. Frankly, I need to bring a Korean to the store with me, because I don't think I can explain what's wrong myself.

Awesome: I signed a form today using my cell phone camera and a paint program. It's my signature and 100% legal. How awesome is that shit?

Last weekend I went to the parting of the sea in Jindo. Really amazing stuff. The cherry blossoms are blooming right now, which is also amazing. What's not amazing: Diana is leaving Korea in t-minus two weeks. I'm running out of friends. The fact that I'm more or less on the wagon is severely limiting my socializing opportunities. I think I should start volunteering or taking Korean classes...

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