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I have no life, which is why I post constantly.

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March 31, 2012 | 06:20pm
Mood: pleased

I just watched The Hunger Games movie. Wow.

The books were quite good, but the movie blew me away. The cinematography was fantastic and Jennifer Lawrence's performance was just as good as her performance in last year's Winter's Bone. I am impressed.

I am somewhat disgusted by people's reactions to some things regarding the films: Jennifer Lawrence is considered too "large" for the role of a starving person. Too large? What the hell? She's a normal size. Normal. Her acting is incredible and she fits the role perfectly. Plus people object to Rue and Thresh being black. And Cinna. Whatever, morons. Considering the popularity of Santorum (who recently called Obama a "nigger"), the ongoing racism in the states these days is not exactly a big surprise.

These books got me into a big post-apocalyptic kick last year, and whenever I finish up this Tamora Pierce kick I'll probably return to the post-apocalypse. Some favorite writers I'll have to reread: Isobelle Carmody, James Dashner, Jeanne DuPrau, Veronica Roth...

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