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day 1

Orientation went pretty well. We met up, did introductions, found out what we're teaching, got our textbooks, and had a tour of the school.

You guys, I am the 4th grade Science and Health & Fitness teacher.


Me. Science. I mean. Does not compute. How ironic is that? The guy who barely scraped a C out of Biology in high school is going to be a science teacher. To say nothing of Health & Fitness. Me? (Admittedly, I've always done well in Chemistry and decently in Physics, and my grade in junior year Health class was 120%, but still. Me?) I guess I'm just lucky I'm not teaching Math.

This, my friends, is the definition of irony.

Then we kind of stood around awkwardly until time to go. We had lunch together at Gimbap Nara and some of us (me, Bryan, Matt, and Carl) went to E-Mart/Kumho World. I bought a new wireless router because mine hasn't been working. Then we came home. I hooked up the new router and it's working! Okay, it didn't work the first time I plugged it in, but I plugged the cord into a different outlet and it worked fine, so I'd consider that a success. Now I just need to anxiously await the opportunity to get a phone and I'll be good to go.

Goal for the rest of the day: study Korean. That's... about it. I may get dinner with Matt and another coworker or two. It's strange to be hanging out with a completely different crowd of people, but it's nice to have a change. We have 1.5 weeks of orientation before we start teaching, so it's a pretty easy-going environment right now. Time well tell how this goes, but I'm optimistic.
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